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Co-ordinating Conjunctions | twinkl FANBOYS

Twinkl resources have been helping teachers with incredible, user friendly resources for years but did you know they have resources for TEFL teachers too? 

Not only do they have dedicated EAL resource page, many of their key stage 1 & 2 resources are easily adapted to your EFL classroom. 

Look at this great posters on connectives….I’m a FAN!

FANBOYS is a great mnemonic to help learners remember the 7 key connectives. 

These are important in helping learners create longer spoken or written utterances. Every learner wants to be able to say ‘more’. Creating longer utterances improves fluency and this is easily achieved with FANBOYS.  This poster and the ideas below could be used from A2 upwards. Even advanced speakers sometimes need a gentle reminder. FANBOYS is also a useful technique for the part 1 speaking in IELTS and in Cambridge First exam.  

Ways to use

1) Quick game: generate simple questions to the board with your learners or use typical IELTS part 1 / Cambridge part 1 questions


Do you like your job?

Where do you live?

What did you do last weekend?

Put the learners in small groups or pairs to take turns asking each other the questions. They get a point each time they can use a connective in their answer.

S1: Do you like your job?”

S2:”Yes I do. I work with great people and I meet lots of people so I think it’s great. 

S2: “ Where do you live?

S1: “ I live in Bournemouth now, but I used to live in Birmingham .

2) Recognition of frequency/ highlighting a text. 

Provide learners with either a written text or a tape script of a listening text.  (You can use course book materials or authentic) 

If you can, give them coloured pencils to match the FANBOYS colour, if not a highlighter is just as good.  Ask them to hunt for the FANBOYS connectives.  Seeing them used well and exposure to them in a meaningful context is great place to start.

3) Twinkl FANBOYS fan 

twinkl TEFL teaching resources
The fanboys model

Twinkl have created the FANBOYS fan. Give each learner a copy. Over the course of a few weeks they can write example sentences on the back of each section to remind them of meaning and use. Ask them to keep them with them in class. Then in any activity (speaking or writing) you can ask them to get their fan out. They can use it to support them in the task. We all know teaching doesn’t equal learning, practice and repeated exposure to language are the key.

Looking for more Twinkl TEFL resources? Visit the Twinkl website.

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