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Overview: Delta

Go further in your career with a Delta diploma!

The Cambridge Delta is a diploma course for teachers with at least two years’ classroom experience.

Many teachers take the Delta qualification to further their careers and to qualify for more senior roles.

The Delta is awarded by Assessment English, part of the University of Cambridge. It can be studied full or part time.

It’s recognised by the UK government as Master’s-level (QCF 7), and it’s the industry-standard diploma in English language teaching.

It’s divided into three independent modules, all of which must be passed to attain the status of a full Delta qualification.

Delta: The right course for you?

Delta – is it the right course for you?

If you want to take your teaching career to the next level and you have at least two years’ classroom experience then Delta may be exactly the course for you.

It’s a Master’s level qualification (level 7 QCF) which is very practical in focus, so you’ll need an English Language Teaching certificate and a university degree is desirable.

If English isn’t your first language, you’ll need to have a level of C2 on the CEFR (IELTS 8.0 / CPE).The Delta course consists of three independent modules, which can be taken separately or in combination on ITTC’s full-time, part-time and online courses.

For each module you successfully complete you’ll receive a grade – Pass, Merit or Distinction.When you’ve passed all three you’ll receive a certificate with your overall Delta qualification.

There are four options for studying DELTA:

Part-time Modules 1* & 2 – runs through the Spring, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (18-week course)

Full-time Module 2 – runs July to August (6-week course)

Full-time Modules 1* & 2 – runs Autumn (8-week course)

Online Module 3 – runs on demand, with video webcasts and DELTA tutor support via Skype and email (10-week course)

**Special Offer: £150 off Module 3 fees (£180 including VAT) if you take Modules 1 and 2 with ITTC

To apply:

First, we’ll first send you an interview task with questions to help us asses your language awareness, teaching experience and classroom skills.

Then at interview (either in Bournemouth, by phone or over the internet) we’ll discuss your results and you can ask us any questions you may have.

It’s important to note that we want you to be as successful as possible so we’ll only offer you a place if we firmly believe it’s the right course for you.

Module 1 – The Exam

Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching

Module 1 is assessed externally through 2 x 90-minute written examinations in either June or December, which focus on the background to teaching and learning English in a range of contexts.

During the course there will input on:

• Theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching
• Different approaches and methodologies including current developments
• Language systems and learners’ linguistic problems
• Language skills and learners’ problems
• Knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources for language learning
• Key concepts and terminology related to assessment

Module 2 – The Practical

Developing Professional  Practice

Module 2 focuses on the elements of planning and teaching a lesson, and how to select and use resources and materials.
It’s assessed through a portfolio of coursework, including 4 observed lessons, with a full lesson plan and a 2,500 word assignment on each lesson’s area of focus.

The last of these lesson assignments is assessed externally by a representative of Cambridge.
The portfolio also contains a professional development assignment, consisting of:

– an ‘Experimental Practice’ assignment on an approach or technique you wish to try
– an ongoing ‘Reflection and Action’ assignment, to give you the action research tools to develop your own teaching.

You’ll also observe ten hours’ of lessons with experienced teachers.

During the course there will be input on:

• The language learner and the language learning context
• Preparation for teaching adult learners of English
• Evaluating, selecting and using resources and materials for teaching purposes
• Managing and supporting learning
• Evaluation of lesson preparation and teaching
• Observation/evaluation of other teachers’ lessons
• Professionalism and opportunities for professional development

Module 3 – Extended Assignment

Extending Practice & ELT Specialism

Module 3 is assessed externally through an extended written assignment of 4,500 words on a specialist area of English language teaching.
You’ll design a course for a specific group of learners, based on principled criteria.

Module 3 focuses on needs analysis, syllabus design, course planning and assessment in the context of your chosen specialism.

During the course there will be input on:

• Research into specialist areas
• Principles of syllabus design and implications for specific learning contexts
• Designing syllabus and teaching programmes to meet the needs of learners in the specific context of the selected specialism
• Course design and development in the specific context of the selected specialism
• The principles and practice of testing and assessment and application to your specialist area
• Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness and quality of courses and programmes of study

Delta Module 3: Online


The 10-week Module 3 is delivered online and can be taken at any time, before or after completing the other Delta Modules. However, you should start at least 10 weeks before your desired Cambridge submission date of either the first week of June or December.

During the course, you should expect approximately 15-20 hours’ study per week. You’ll be appointed a highly experienced tutor, who will work closely with you to provide individual support via email and/or skype. They will help you select an appropriate specialism, then provide you with reading suggestions, links and articles, so you understand exactly what is required and can attack your assignment with confidence.

There are 5 sections of the assignment and, as you complete initial drafts, you email each one for detailed written feedback from your tutor. Then you send us the fully edited and completed assignment by the agreed deadline.  We can then check the documents are labelled correctly, the right file type and size before we finally submit it to Cambridge.

Part-time modules 1 & 2

Course dates for 2020 – 28 January to 28 May


The part-time ITTC Delta course runs from January/February to May and is designed for teachers in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. By the end of the course, you will have completed Module 2. You may then choose to follow a Module 1 exam course, or our Module 3 online course, available to take at any time.

Input is scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6.30-8.30 p.m. and in all sessions you will be expected to contribute actively and draw on your own teaching experience.

There will normally be three or four weeks of input, followed by a reading week, to allow you time for reading, research and assignments. During the course you will have access to our extremely well-stocked teaching library. One feature of the ITTC Delta is the individual support given for written assignments and preparation for assessed lessons through regular one-to-one tutorials. Teaching Practice and lesson observation take place at your own school with your usual classes, at a time to be negotiated with you.

In addition, for Module 2 you must complete 10 hours’ observation of other teachers, which will also be at your school, as well as at ITTC and BEET Language Centre.

Testimonials: Delta

Here are comments our recent graduates wanted to share:

“The Delta course has taught me so much. It’s been incredibly hard work, but I don’t regret doing it at all!! The observations and feedback have really boosted my confidence and all of the input sessions have opened my mind to other ways and approaches to teaching, which I now feel so much more confident about using with my students. The tutors have been amazing – very supportive and knowledgeable. I’d really recommend anyone thinking of doing a Delta course to consider doing it with ITTC. Joy, UK”

Delta Module 3: “The tutors at ITTC are very constructive and honest in their feedback. The webinars couldn’t be more helpful or explicit if they tried and my tutor often recommended resources which would be of real use to me. I would highly recommended ITTC’s training dept. team as the tutors are so supportive and patient! Helen, UK”

“I’ve been thinking of you lately – I’d like to thank you for so much encouragement – I’ve just received my approval as an assistant CELTA trainer. I’d like you to know that you are role models to me!!!” Sylvia, Brazil

“I have been talking about the DELTA for years and am so glad I ended up at ittc. Their teaching inspired, informed and encouraged me throughout the challenging course. I am now fully (Merit) DELTA qualified, am still learning, but realise the important change that self reflection, more focused teaching and heightened awareness of learner and learning has made upon my daily teaching.” Claire, UK

“I honestly can’t imagine better tutors to guide me through this experience: in terms of knowledge, experience, passion and the ability to provide for each individual’s needs. I felt supported throughout…” Delta Graduate, 2015

“I was really nervous before starting the DELTA, I’d heard from so many people about how intensive and stressful it can be. But doing it at ITTC, the tutors really brought the course to life for me and in the end it was a really positive, enjoyable and worthwhile time which has definitely taken my teaching to the next level.” Alice, Australia

“The most amazing (and exhausting) experience of my life! Thank you ITTC!” Matt, UK



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