Refresher Course in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Erasmus+ funding available

Overview: CLIL

Teaching school subjects in English

The ITTC Refresher Course in CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is for speakers of any language who use English to teach, or plan to teach, school content lessons, for example Geography or Maths.

Courses last between 1 and 4 weeks and can be arranged for groups of 6 or more teachers at any time of year, with each course specifically tailored to your needs.

You’ll improve your English for your own development and use in the classroom, you’ll discover a wide range of teaching ideas, techniques, activities and resources, and you’ll develop your understanding of CLIL terminology and methodology.

There can be preparation for the Cambridge TKT: CLIL examination, which you’ll have the chance to take at the end of the course. You also have access to the ITTC Study Centre and library.

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to practise your English, sharing and discussing your ideas and experiences, in an immersive English-speaking environment.

The course includes the option to take an additional 4 or 8 lessons per week on the options programme at our sister language school – ‘BEET’ Language Centre, to develop your English skills, and/or English for specific contexts, such as Business English.

In addition, if classes are available, you can take part in Upper Intermediate lessons taught by our teacher trainees on other ITTC courses. You are also welcome to join our evening social programme and weekend excursions run by BEET.

You may receive Erasmus+ funding for the course through your school or organisation.

Key Facts: CLIL

CLIL: The right course for you?

If you’re a school teacher of other subjects in English, or plan to become one, the ITTC CLIL course could be perfect for you.

It’s designed for primary or secondary teachers who want to develop their understanding of CLIL, teaching ideas and techniques, and their own English for teaching purposes. It’s very practical, with a chance to experience and discuss lots of ideas for the classroom.

The course is arranged at either primary or secondary level for groups of 6 or more teachers. All teachers complete a pre-course questionnaire, so we can adjust our course design to specifically meet your needs.

Your level should be Intermediate / B1 or higher, but we can run courses for lower levels by request. This course is also for teachers who want an internationally recognised qualification, because there’s an option to prepare for and take the Cambridge TKT: CLIL examination at the end of your course.

The Cambridge TKT: CLIL Exam

TKT: CLIL tests knowledge of:

  • Content and Language Integrated Learning and concepts related to a CLIL approach;
  • Subject teaching in a target language and the learning, thinking and language skills which are developed across different curriculum subjects;
  • How to plan lessons as well as knowledge of activities and resources used to support a CLIL approach;
  • Teaching strategies and how assessment is carried out in CLIL contexts.

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Course Content: CLIL

The course consists of:

  • 10 x 90-minute input sessions per week
    •   The option to take the Cambridge TKT: CLIL examination
    •   The CLIL+ course includes either 4 or 8 additional 45-minute English lessons per week on the options programme at BEET Language Centre
    •   The CLIL+4 and CLIL+8 courses include self-access English language study through the BEET Online learning platform
    •   The option to take part in Upper Intermediate lessons, if available, taught by teacher trainees on other ITTC courses

The course is adapted to suit teachers’ needs but will cover the following syllabus areas:

  •  English Language Development, e.g. Pronunciation: Connected Speech, Idiomatic Language
    •    English Language Skills Development, e.g. Reading: Understanding Authentic Texts
    •    English Language for Teachers, e.g. Functional Language for the Communicative Classroom
    •    CLIL Practical Classroom Ideas & Techniques, e.g. Identifying Task-specific Language Needs & Scaffolding
    •    CLIL Methodology, e.g. Key Principles, Concepts and Terminology of CLIL
    •    Cambridge TKT: CLIL, e.g. Written Exam Strategies and Practice
    •    Content Sessions, e.g. The British Education System
    •    CLIL+4/+8: Additional Sessions at BEET Language Centre, e.g. English for Business

CLIL+ course includes either 4 or 8 additional 45-minute English lessons per week on the options programme at BEET Language Centre

Timetable: CLIL

CLIL timetable


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