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Overview: Refresher Course

The ITTC Refresher Course is for speakers of any language who teach, or plan to teach, English language to primary, secondary or adult learners. Courses last 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks in June, July and August, and can also be arranged for groups of 6 teachers or more at other times of the year.

The course is designed to develop your understanding and command of English language, both for your own development and for teaching purposes, as well as focusing on language teaching methodology and practical ideas and materials for the classroom. There is a combination of input sessions dedicated to language development and sessions on teaching ideas, many of which involve model lessons in which you first experience activities as learners, before then analysing them, in a loop input approach. The courses bring together teachers from many different countries, with plenty of opportunity to practise your English in the sharing and discussion of your ideas and experiences, in an immersive English-speaking environment. You also have access to the ITTC Study Centre and library.

The course includes the option to take an additional 4 or 8 lessons per week on the options programme at BEET Language Centre, to develop your English skills, and/or English for specific contexts, such as Business English. In addition, if classes are available, you can take part in lessons taught by our teacher trainees on other ITTC courses. You are also welcome to join our evening social programme and weekend excursions run by BEET.

Key Facts: Refresher Course

RC key facts 2017

Refresher Course: The right course for you?

If you are, or plan to become, an English teacher of primary, secondary or adult students, the ITTC Refresher Course for Overseas Teachers could be perfect for you. It is designed for teachers who want to develop their own English, their teaching ideas, techniques, activities and resources, and their understanding of methodology. It is very practical, with a chance to experience and discuss lots of ideas for the classroom. The course is for speakers of any language but to participate fully your level of English must be Upper Intermediate (B2 CEFR) or higher.

The ITTC Refresher Course brings together teachers from many different countries to share their ideas and experiences. All teachers complete a pre-course questionnaire, so we can adjust our course design to best meet your needs.

You may also receive Erasmus+ funding for the course through your school or organisation.

Course Content: Refresher Course

The course lasts 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks and consists of:

•  10 x 90-minute input sessions per week
•  The RC+ course includes 4 or 8 additional 45-minute English lessons per week on the options programme at BEET Language Centre
•  The RC+4 and RC+8 courses include self-access English language study through the BEET Online learning platform
•  The option to take part in Upper Intermediate lessons, if available, taught by teacher trainees on other ITTC courses

The course is adapted to suit teachers’ needs but will cover the following syllabus areas:

•    English Language Development, e.g. Pronunciation, Idiomatic Language, Functional Language for the Classroom
•    English Language Skills Development: Reading, e.g. Understanding Newspapers and other Authentic Texts
•    Practical Classroom Ideas, Techniques, Activities & Resources, e.g. Working with Song and Video, Developing Writing Skills, Recycling Games & Activities
•    Language Teaching Methodology, e.g. Analysing, Conveying & Checking Meaning, Evaluating Materials, Role Play
•    RC+4/+8: Additional Language Sessions at BEET Language Centre,  e.g. Business English, Listening & Speaking Skills, English for Travel & Tourism

Timetable: Refresher Course

RC timetable

Testimonials: Refresher Course

Here are comments our recent trainees wanted to share:

“The course was fantastic. The lessons were well made, diversified, very interesting and above all the activities done or shown were feasible with our own students. The tutors were enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and always willing to help us. Even if the activities suggested in the evenings or at the weekend sounded great, I did not take part in them, preferring going on sightseeing tours and staying with my lovely host family. I would strongly recommend this refresher course to any other teachers.” Valerie, France

“I’ve refreshed my English as much as it’s possible in only two weeks and I’ve got many new ideas for teaching young learners.” Zahlina, Croatia

“I gained more confidence and learnt to make my lessons more interactive with a lot of interesting techniques.” Christina, France

“It is good to have time for ourself, to meet people from different countries, different cultures, with different accents too! It is a good way to improve and feel more confident back home, completely refreshed!” Elisabeth, France

“I am really happy I could be here and I would definitely recommend the course to all the teachers who want to get some new fresh ideas as well as energy for their teaching career. I got plenty. Thank you!!” Andrea, Czech Republic


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