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We pride ourselves on having a team of highly-qualified trainers with a vast experience of teaching, training and educational management both in UK and overseas. We’re all committed to helping you to get the very most from your experience with us.

  • Chris Bunyan

    Joint Head of Teacher Training

    I’ve been teaching since 1998 and teacher training since 2003 and I’ve also been a Director of Studies, too. I’ve lived in a few countries, in Southern and Eastern Europe, South America and South Africa. I love travelling around and meeting people from different areas of the world – I think I’ve visited over 50 countries now and hope to see many more.

    I’m very interested in how language is used and how people learn languages, so I did an MA on these subjects. However, I also love music, books, fine art, illustration, kayaking and cooking, so, if you’ve got any great recipes from your country, let me know!

  • Lucy Cochrane

    Joint Head of Teacher Training

    I’ve been working at BEET and ITTC since 2006 and have been an English language teacher since 1998. I have taught English in Spain, Poland, South Africa and Argentina and love meeting new people and learning new things. I have been a teacher trainer since 2004 (on the CELTA, Delta, ICELT, overseas teachers and ELT Management courses) and I have trained teachers in South Africa, Spain, New York and Libya, and, of course, at ITTC in Bournemouth. When I’m not teaching, I like to travel, read, cook and play badminton, as well as avidly follow the highs and lows of the English cricket team.

  • Kirsty Sharples

    Asst. Head of Teacher Training

    I have been working at BEET & ITTC since 2005 but have been a teacher since 1992. I started my teaching life in Egypt where I worked for 3 years teaching children. I have also been lucky enough to work in Brazil & London. I became a teacher trainer in 2002 and now spend most of my time teaching at ITTC.

    I enjoy the social side of my job as much as the academic side. It’s always a pleasure to meet people from around the world and share experiences.

  • Anna Cuccia

    Teacher Trainer & Teacher

    I’ve been teaching since 1993 and have worked in France, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and the UK in Oxford and Bournemouth. I’ve been a trainer since 1998 working primarily on both full and part time CELTA and DELTA courses. I really like the creative side of our job, making materials and sharing ideas for making the classroom a more exciting place to be. I have worked for ITTC since 2000. I love cooking and going to Zumba classes. I have twin girls and a boy and my husband is Italian.

  • Dave Moylan

    Teacher Trainer & Teacher

    I started teaching English in Barcelona in 1976, having just completed a PGCE. My intention was to stay abroad for a year or two before looking for a job in a primary school. That ‘year or two’ became eleven or twelve years in various European countries. When I finally decided to come back, I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to become a teacher trainer. The great thing about the job is the opportunity it affords to meet interesting people from every part of the world.

  • Janet Shackleton

    Teacher Trainer & Teacher

    I started working as a teacher in 2000 and have been doing teacher training at ITTC since 2012. BEET was my first school but I have also taught in Finland, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. The best part of the job is getting to know about other cultures and meeting people from all around the world. In my free time I love travelling around in my camper van with my family.

  • Jonathan Smith

    Teacher Trainer & Teacher

    After travelling to western and central European countries, I decided in 1991 to learn to teach English. I completed the Cambridge CELTA course at International House in London, and taught in Indonesia and Spain. I completed my Delta at ITTC, and began a thoroughly enjoyable career with ITTC and later BEET Language Centre.

    I love spending long evenings and weekends with my wife and daughter – exploring the local countryside and coastline of the region on foot and by car, mountain-bike and kayak.

  • Justin Maidment

    Teacher Trainer & Teacher

    I’ve been an English language teacher since 1998 and have worked in the UK, Spain and Turkey. I have been at BEET and ITTC since 2005 where I’ve taught all types of classes and trained many types of people on the various teacher training courses. Working in such a multi-national environment is the thing I enjoy most about my job; I love meeting and working with different people from all around the world!

  • Shelagh Cummings

    Teacher Trainer & Teacher

    I started teaching English as a teenager in Brazil and taught at different times in my life in Germany and England. I did my CELTA course in Bournemouth in 1997 and was lucky enough to get my first job at BEET immediately after. I have been working at BEET and ITTC ever since and consider myself very lucky to still be part of the ITTC Training Team, even though I am now only training part-time. Over the years I haven’t always been able to travel myself, but I have met many wonderful people and have travelled all over the world through meeting them.

  • Sue Holt

    Teacher Trainer & Teacher

    I’ve been working at BEET and ITTC since 2004 and have been an ELT teacher since 1990. I spent two years teaching in Japan and have taught English in many places in this country. I’ve been a teacher trainer since 2000 on CELTA, ICELT and TKT courses. I really enjoy the variety of the job and meeting people from all over the world. When I’m not teaching, I get out and about – this area is great for walking and outdoor activities. I also enjoy going to the gym, gardening and yoga.

  • Susie Bridges

    Teacher Trainer & Teacher

    Like many people I fell into TEFL by accident and laid the foundations of my teaching experience in Bournemouth language schools. Over the next ten years, I did the Delta, a PGCE and my CELTA Trainer in Training. Then I started saying yes to various opportunities which took me off for another ten years to teach, train and travel throughout the UK & Ireland, around Europe and in Libya, Cambodia & Vietnam. Now based back in Bournemouth again, I’ve come full circle and feel really lucky to be living my dream of being near the sea and doing a job I love.

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