Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith

Teacher Trainer & Teacher (Full-time)

Born in 1967, I grew up in North London in the 1970s and 80s and was really keen on sport at school and college, playing football, basketball, volleyball and cricket. When I was 16, I moved to the south coast, where I took up windsurfing and water-skiing. At the age of 19, I went to Portsmouth University, graduating in 1990 in German & French: History, Politics & Language.

After travelling independently many times to western and central European countries, and then working as a teaching assistant in Senegal and Germany, and a watersports instructor in the south of France, I decided in 1991 to learn to teach English. I completed the Cambridge CELTA course at International House in London, and soon took my first teaching job in Indonesia, which gave me a wonderful opportunity to travel around South-East Asia.

Two years later, I was teaching general and business English in Madrid, Spain, where I stayed for two years. After short-spells teaching in London and Chester, I arrived in Bournemouth in 1995, completed my Cambridge Delta at ITTC, and began a thoroughly enjoyable career with ITTC and later BEET Language Centre. Most of my time is now dedicated to training and developing teachers on CELTA and DELTA courses, and as well as this, I also run monthly teacher training workshops for teachers from over twenty schools in Bournemouth, and am a regular Cambridge examiner for PET, FCE, CAE and BEC exams.

When I’m not working, I love spending long evenings and weekends with my wife and daughter – exploring the local countryside and coastline of the region on foot and by car, mountain-bike and kayak. Dorset has some amazing scenery and wildlife (birds, mammals and reptiles) and I’m passionate about the natural and local history available here. I try to take a driving holiday to France every year, as well as a holiday to one of my favourite destinations – Spain, the USA and Cornwall. I love to cook at home and have dinner with friends (I try to experiment with different nationality dishes), I grow my own fruit and vegetables and I watch lots of history and wildlife documentaries on the BBC whenever I can.

Another thing that I spend time doing is studying languages on the Internet. At the moment, I’m using various podcasts and apps to improve my French, German, Spanish and Italian and I’ve just started trying to learn Arabic too. Finally, I enjoy watching films at home, particularly political thrillers and historical dramas or biopics – and I’m always listening to the newest and classic rock and Indie bands from the UK and the US. I just wish there was more free time in a day! I really look forward to getting to know you during your stay at BEET.


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